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Nawaloka Timber Stores (Pvt) Ltd., is the most popular name in the timber industry in Sri Lanka among house builders, government and private building contractors and the general public. It was originally established by Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa (Chairman Nawaloka Group of Companies) in 1942, situated just out-side the city of Colombo along (Negombo Road) Colombo Katunayaka International Airport highway.

Having the largest stocks of imported timber and is one of the major timber suppliers to the construction industry in Sri Lanka.
Modern machinery which can convert all types of hard and soft woods available in our fully equipped Saw Mill.
The business relationship and the confidence that we have developed with our customers for over a period of 60 years are the most valuable awards that we have achieved.

To provide a courteous and efficient service to all our customers and respond to their requirements by providing better timber and other wood based products.

Provide technical know-how and conduct awareness programmes on utility value of timber to our field staff.
Train and motivate our employees in operational management financial and administrative functions.
Produce more added value products to enhance profitability.
To increase productivity through modernization of existing machinery, use of improved Technology and Human Resource Development.
To maximize profits, ensure return on investment and reduce risks involved, through financial evaluation and control.

Our Vision
To be in the forefront of the timber industry and fulfill the timber requirement in the country with commitment towards excellence and national development.

Our Mission
Focus our endeavors on the expansion and improvement of activities in order to accomplish the expectations of people in their requirement of timber.

VAT Registration No.

Timber Species
Botanical name Shorea Ochrophloia. The timber is generally slow drying with moderate and checks slight splitting and surface checking as the main defects.

Kempas is a relatively hard and heavy timber averaging 890 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content. The sap wood is white or pale yellow in colour and can easily be distinguished from the heart wood. The heart wood is brick red when freshly sawn and darkening to orange red with yellow brown lines on exposure.

Tulang is the products of a single dpecies koompassia excelsa. The timber dries moderately slowly with slight and checks, surface checks and insect attack as the main sources of degrade sap wood is perishable.
Sap wood is well defined, The heart wood is reddish brown to deep brick red-brown when fresh, weathering to a deep chocolate brown.

Local Timber
 • Mahogani Swietenia Macrophylla
 • Kumbuk Terminalia arfuna
 • Jak “Kos” artocarpus heterophyllus
 • Lunumidella Melia dubia
 • Ginisapu chempakam

Forest cover in Sri Lanka is approximately 22% which has been reduced from 44% after two decades.

This drastic down fall of forest cover is mainly due to the accelerated development programme of the government during the past few years.


Nawaloka Timber Stores

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