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Today, the Group has evolved into a local conglomerate comprising Nawaloka Hotel, Nawaloka Timber (Pvt) Ltd, Nawaloka Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Nawaloka Construction Co. (Pvt) Ltd, Nawaloka Polysacks (Pvt) Ltd, Nawaloka Hospitals PLC, Nawaloka Piling (Pvt) Ltd, Nawaloka Development (Pvt) Ltd, and New Nawaloka Trading Co. (Pvt) Ltd. As the founder, Deshamanya H.K. Dhardmadasa, he was a philanthropist who was always concerned about the health of the people of Sri Lanka and always found a way to give it back to the people. He gifted a four-storied block of hospital wards to the Matara Hospital, completely refurbished the Ampara Hospital and several other hospitals, such as the Kiribathgoda and Horowpatana hospitals, and donated a laundry system and MRI equipment for the Colombo National Hospital for the betterment of the nation’s people. However, this is only the tip of Deshamanya H.K. Dhardmadasa’s mountain of charity work. Throughout his life, he continued to support many charitable causes, including building or renovating Buddhist temples, churches, and kovils, constructing school buildings, and putting up houses for the poor and also his employees. The fact that the State recognized his contributions to society and conferred many honorary titles on him, such as the Deshamanya appellation, speaks volumes about his contributions to the nation.



Nawaloka Group of Companies is one of the leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka which was founded in 1945 by Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa, a pioneering entrepreneur and a legend in the Sri Lankan business world. Since then, it has diversified into different industries and now holds the position of the market leader in all its activities. In a chaotic period of the second world war, the country under British occupation, industry in the modern sense was virtually nonexistent, the local entrepreneur class in a formative stage. This was the prevailing atmosphere when Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa made his entry into the field of business in Sri Lanka. His business ventures began with the Nawaloka Hotel, followed by investments in timber.


H.K.U. Dharmadasa 

Chairman / Managing Director

S.N.G. Dharmadasa 


H.K.U.N Dharmadasa 

Executive Director – Operations

H.K.D.M. Dharmadasa

Executive Director


U.A.S. Dharmasena

General Manager – Nawaloka Piling

P.A.P. Jayathileka

Head of Quantity Surveying – Nawaloka Piling

Shamal Fonseka

IT Manager

Nimal Rajapaksha

Samantha Wickramasinghe

Factory Manager – Nawaloka Industries

Nayana Dunukara

Cluster Finance Manager – Nawaloka Industries/ Nawaloka Development/ Nawaloka Restaurant/ Nawaloka Hotel & Bakery/ Nawaloka Timber Stores

Janaka Kithmuni

Marketing Manager – Nawaloka Enterprises

Mahinda Jayasena

Manager – Nawaloka Timber Stores

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